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11014 155023 _ 155027 is an analog cameraless 8mm black and white film, created by exposing the whole cartridge of Kodak Tri-X super8 (15m) to light on 16/02/2014 between 15:50:23 -15:50:27. the material of film serves at the same time both as the medium and the subject of the film, as it captures itself. when displayed, it is projected in a 9fps tempo rounding up the film's duration to ~ 7 min [instead of 3,5 min when played in 24fps or 5 sec that time at it actually documents] and by doing so it expands time unlike usual cinematic time that contracts real time.

second experiment in a series of an ongoing research 11014 155023 _ 155027 that strips filmmaking to the it's basis : light, time and record

the experimentation started on photographic 35 mm film by the process of elimination, slowly reducing the equipment used in the process of capturing. 080114 155000_155005 that exposes a whole roll of film to a light source in motion within a reflective surface and followed by 161213 135030_135032 that eliminates motion and container to exposing the whole roll of film directly to a stationery light source

stills f.004, f.009, f.014, f.016 from 080114 155000_155005
stills f.002, f.016, f.017, f.018, f.020 from 161213 135030_135032