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all the landscapes you are is a research project exploring unseen organic landscapes. the research was partially actualised in the form of a workshop where the participants had the opportunity to grow and visualise a landscape that they carry with them - a map of the bacterial landscape they are - actualised by growing on petri dishes the bacteria that exist in their shoes, hands, clothes or mouths and observing it as it grows and changes.

much like a GPS that has lost satellite connection and cannot find all the desired streets on the terrain, the human eye lacks the capability of seeing all of the microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, archaea and viruses. Organisms that probably have been or will be here longer than humanity and are so close to us, that they are on -in- us. Together, they make up about 1.5 kilograms of our body weight and we carry them all day, everyday -we pick some up, let some go, like an ever-changing landscape that constantly moulds and is being moulded by its surroundings. In the dynamic city environment, where the separation is more easily traceable than the fusion, its residents stand on maps and coordinates that trace the separation of the urban, natural, cyber and legal borders while missing the fact, that they, themselves, are a cartography of the fusion of their surroundings.

the workshop was created as part of Welcome to Ecumenopolis an exhibition curated by METASITU at TAF / the Art Foundation

sample of the generated maps